John McCarthy explains how the commission “did the right thing” by giving Chris Weidman a technical decision win at UFC Atlantic City

By Harry Kettle - April 2, 2024

Former MMA referee John McCarthy has explained why he believes the commission did the right thing by changing Chris Weidman’s victory to a technical decision.

Chris Weidman

Last weekend, Chris Weidman defeated Bruno Silva. It was initially ruled as a stoppage win for Chris, however, it was eventually changed to a technical decision. In the immediate aftermath, there was a lot of controversy surrounding reported eye pokes that were committed by Weidman.

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In a recent episode of his podcast, John McCarthy gave his view on the situation.

McCarthy’s Weidman/Silva conclusion

“Chris had won the first two rounds. And if you’re gonna say the third round, I think Chris was winning that one for the most part, too. So I knew Chris was gonna win the fight, but that way it’s not on the fact that a foul occurred and the referee made a decision to stop it without seeing the foul. Now (the commission is) saying, ‘OK, we see the foul. This is what we do.’ Based upon the fact that the fight had entered the third round, you could go to a technical decision. If the same thing had happened in the second round, it would’ve ended up being a no contest. You would not have had a technical decision, because they can only go to that technical decision if the fight enters the third round.”

“What they’re doing is, by going to that technical decision, it’s the right thing to do. I’m just gonna tell you straight out,” McCarthy said. “Because giving Chris Weidman a victory off of TKO, then you’re saying that you’re not addressing the fact that there was a foul. They are addressing that fact. Gary Copeland could’ve decided to have taken points for the fouls. He didn’t do that. That’s his decision. … So the commission actually did the right thing. But, yes, by doing that right thing, they’re taking the ability of Bruno Silva to protest the stopping of the fight as a TKO and making it a no contest later on. They’re taking that away by doin the right thing.”

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