Joe Rogan calls for UFC to make changes to current ruleset: “If it’s boring for the audience, tough sh*t”

By Susan Cox - May 16, 2024

Joe Rogan is calling for the UFC to make changes to its current ruleset.

Dana White, Joe Rogan

This is not the first time Rogan has suggested changing the rules when it comes to MMA fighting.

On his latest podcast, Rogan shared his thoughts with UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie:

“The rules are set up much more for strikers than for wrestlers. I’ve been talking about this lately. Say you’re a jiu jitsu guy and you’re fighting in the first round, and rounds are five minutes long and you take the guy down at four minutes and 30 seconds. You only have 30 seconds to work.”

Continuing, Joe Rogan said:

“I feel like if a fight should be… Even if you’re going to make it rounds, the fight is the fight. I don’t think someone should be able to get up. I don’t think people should stand you up, ever. I think once a guy takes you down, the fight is on the ground.”

Concluding the 56-year-old commentator shared:

“If it’s boring for the audience, tough sh*t. If you’re on the bottom, get up. And if you can’t get up, tough sh*t. And if the round ends and the new round begins, I think they should start you right back in the same place.I feel like the fight should be a fight, so if it’s five rounds that’s a 25-minute fight. Whatever position you’re in at the end of the first round, that should be where you begin in the second round.” 

Royce Gracie offered up a suggestion of his own, advising:

“I’m in favor of doing one round straight through. No time limit is not good for TV. One 15-minute round, that’s it. One 15-minute round straight through.”

What do you think of Joe Rogan’s verbiage regarding changes he feels should be incorporated into MMA rules?

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