Jim Miller plans to “frustrate” Bobby Green at UFC 300, lays out retirement plan

By Cole Shelton - April 9, 2024

Jim Miller got his wish of fighting on UFC 300.

Jim Miller

Miller competed at UFC 100 and 200 and for the past couple of years, he has been campaigning to be on UFC 300. Originally the plan was for Miller to retire at UFC 300, but that is no longer the goal, so he says that has taken a bit away from the spectacle of the event.


“Honestly, in the lead-up, it all feels the same. It’s obviously cool, I’m excited to be on the card but it’s just another fight. That’s the crazy part, in the grand scheme of things, it’s neat but it’s not the end all be all,” Miller said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com.

When Miller got the call to fight at UFC 300, he was offered Bobby Green which did catch him by surprise. Miller was campaigning to face Matt Brown at welterweight as he was a bit skeptical about fighting Green due to ‘King’ pulling out of their bout thre previous times.

“It caught me a little off guard. We’ve tried to have this fight three times in the past and one thing or another has happened on his end. It sucks… But, when they mentioned his name, I like the fight, I really do, I really like the fight, but I mean is something messed up going to happen and I’m not going to get the opportunity to fight at 300,” Miller said.

Although Jim Miller was a bit skeptical, he still is excited to face Bobby Green as he knows ‘King’ has a unique style that presents challenges. However, Miller believes he can frustrate Green and get the fight to the mat which will lead to him getting a win.

“I don’t know. Gameplan-wise, I’d love to be on top, press him, land some strikes on top, and go to work,” Miller said. “Obviously, it is no shock that I will be throwing kicks in there as well, I’m just trying to go in there and not overcommit to landing those big shots to the head right away, wear him out a little bit, and keep that pressure on him and frustrate him. Make him make the mistake and pounce on him.”

If Miller does beat Bobby Green, he knows a win does wonders for him and his career. Jim Miller will enter the rankings and the goal is to start a run towards the title this late in his career.

“That has always been the fun part for me, I want guys calling me out. There are a lot of interesting fights, the guys who are ranked ahead of him and a decent amount behind him,” Miller said. “Where I am out right now, I’d like to be climbing, there isn’t a lot of time to waste fighting behind me.”

As Jim Miller says, he doesn’t have a ton of time left in his career as he laid out his retirement plan as Miller believes he still has a couple of years left in him.

“I think, this might be breaking, but I don’t want to fight more than 50 times in the UFC, as silly as that sounds. Another year or two fighting three times a year. A win gets me to 27 in the UFC, I’m only three away from 30 and I don’t think anybody touches that honestly. That is a pretty good accomplishment. But obviously, there is that thing, that shiny piece of gold that is still there… I’m still gunning for that belt,” Miller said.