UFC 302 Results: Islam Makhachev stops Dustin Poirier in Round 5 (Video)

By Chris Taylor - June 1, 2024

We have you covered for all of tonight’s UFC 302 results, including the main event title fight between Islam Makhachev and Dustin Poirier.

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Makhachev (25-1 MMA) will be returning to action for the first time since scoring a nasty knockout win over Alexander Volkanovski at October’s UFC 294 event in Abu Dhabi. The victory marked the Dagestani’s thirteenth in a row and second defense of the lightweight title.

Meanwhile, Dustin Poirier (30-8 MMA) was last seen in action at March’s UFC 299 event, where he scored a sensational second-round knockout victory over Benoit Saint Denis. That win was of course preceded by a knockout loss to Justin Gaethje in a fight for the BMF title at UFC 291.

Round one of the UFC 302 main event begins and Islam Makhachev comes forward quickly. Dustin Poirier swings and misses with a low kick. The champ fires off a front kick. Both men with good shots in the pocket. Makhachev shoots for a single leg and is able to score a big takedown early. Islam working from half guard here. He looks for a kimura but gives up on that. He attempts an arm triangle choke but is unsuccessful. A scramble ensues and now Makhachev has Poirier’s back. He locks in a body triangle and begins to soften the challenger up with short punches and elbows. Islam Makhachev has a small cut around his left eye. He’s working for a rear-naked choke. Dustin Poirier is doing a good job of defending thus far. 30 seconds remain in the opening round. Islam looks to isolate an arm. Poirier gets it back. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two of the UFC 302 main event begins and Islam Makhachev immediately shoots for a takedown. Dustin Poirier fights him off and is able to keep the fight standing. Makhachev with a good knee to the chin of Poirier in the clinch. The fighters separate and ‘The Diamond’ looks to come forward. Makhachev shoots for a single leg, but Poirier once again is able to fight him off. The crowd erupts and starts chanting “USA”. Islam with a nice standing elbow. Good jabs from both fighters in the pocket. Makhachev with a good combination. Dustin Poirier replies with a right hand. Islam Makhachev shoots for a takedown. He doesn’t get it but is able to push ‘The Diamond’ up against the cage. Poirier switches the position and lands a good knee from the clinch. Both men with uppercuts. Poirier breaks free from the clinch and lands a nice right hand. Dustin’s confidence is growing here. He connects with a good 1-2. Makhachev misses with a knee. Poirier works the body with some hard punches. Makhechev shoots in and scores a late takedown. A much closer round is now in the books.

Round three of the UFC 302 main event begins and Islam Makhachev connects with a good knee up the middle. He forces the clinch and lands another. The champion pushes Poirier against the cage and is able to drag him down the canvas. Makhachev takes the back and locks in a body triangle. This is a bad spot for the former interim champion. Islam is looking for a rear-naked choke. Dustin is doing a good job of defending thus far. Makhachev moves to full mount. Dustin Poirier scrambles and gets back to his feet. He immediately comes forward with a combination. A good jab from ‘The Diamond’. The champ answers with a big 1-2. A good left hook from Islam Makhachev. The American with a nice jab up the middle. Another 1-2 from Makhachev. There’s some swelling and bleeding coming from the face of Poirier. Both men connect with jabs in the pocket. A good combination from Poirier before the horn sounds to end round three.

Round four of the UFC 302 headliner begins and Dustin Poirier comes out swinging. Islam Makhachev avoids and takes the center of the cage. The champ doubles up on his jab. Poirier with a good right hook and then a hard shot to the body. The fighters trade low kicks. Makhachev with a knee up the middle. He shoots for a takedown, but it is not there. A good combination from Islam. He connects with a pair of good left hooks. He presses Dustin Poirier against the cage and drops for a takedown. He eventually gets it and moves to take the back of ‘The Diamond’. Two minutes remain in the fourth round. Poirier looks to scramble up to his feet, but Makhachev is still draped all over him. Poirier is able to switch and now we are back on the feet. Islam Makhachev is busted up now. Poirier comes at him with a flurry. Makhachev eats that shot and then presses Dustin back up against the cage. The horn sounds to end round four.

The fifth and final round of this lightweight title fight begins and Islam Makhachev has a bad cut on his forehead. Dustin Poirier with a good jab and then a left hand behind it. ‘The Diamond’ with a hard low kick. Makhachev shoots for a takedown, but Poirier shakes him off. A big left hook from the champ. Poirier goes to the body with a hard hook. Islam with a nice 1-2. He follows that up with a three-punch combination. Dustin Poirier is talking to him now. He lnads a big left. Islam Makhachev eats it and drops down for a takedown. He gets it for a moment and then drags him down to the floor. The champ is looking for a d’arce choke. This appears to be deep. Poirier is forced to tap. This one is all over!


Official UFC 302 Results: Islam Makhachev def. Dustin Poirier via submission (d’arce choke) in Round 5

Who would you like to see Makhachev fight next following his submission victory over Poirier this evening in New Jersey?

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