WATCH | Ilia Topuria snatches Alexander Volkanovski belt during UFC 298 press conference

By Cole Shelton - February 15, 2024

Ilia Topuria has continued the trend of touching and wearing the UFC title before he has won it.

Ilia Topuria and Alexander Volkanovski

Topuria did his UFC 298 photo shoot with the belt on and now during the press conference, he snatched the belt from Volkanovski and put it in the air like he won it. That got a reaction from Volkanovski who told him to touch it all he wanted as it would be going back to Australia after Saturday night in Anaheim.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Ilia Topuria is doing all this as he has been vocal about how confident he is that he will defeat Volkanovski on Saturday night and will do so with ease.

“I see myself finishing him in the first round, knockout,” Topuria told UFC Español. “It’s most likely going to be a knockout unless he dives for my legs. I’m going to put his lights out… I’m part of the new generation of MMA. I bring an evolved style in all areas of the sport: on the feet, in the wrestling, in the grappling. I consider myself a far more complete and effective finisher than Volkanovski. The experience is on his side, but the young blood is on my side. This is my moment. God’s timing is perfect, and He’s prepared me for this moment. There won’t be any failure.”

Although Ilia Topuria has been oozing with confidence, Alexander Volkanovski has been vocal about wanting to derail the hype and humble the Georgian-Spainard. The actions by Topuria by taking the belt will only add to Volkanovski wanting to humble him in the main event of UFC 298.

“I’m ready for a young, hungry prospect to come and bring a fight, but I won’t be surprised, and you shouldn’t be surprised, if I make it look easy. I’m not saying that’s exactly how it is. I’m not cocky like that. I’ve prepared properly, but if he doesn’t land a punch and I rag-doll him and make him look like nothing in there, you shouldn’t be surprised,” Volkanovski said at UFC 298 media day about Ilia Topuria.

Ilia Topuria enters his UFC 298 title fight coming off a lopsided decision win over Josh Emmett back in June to improve to 15-0.

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