Ian Machado Garry reacts after Dana White and others suggest his fight with Michael Page should have been ruled a draw: “You’re full of sh*t!”

By Susan Cox - July 5, 2024

Ian Machado Garry is reacting after Dana White and others have suggested his fight with Michael Page should have been ruled a draw.

Ian Machado Garry

It was just this past weekend, at UFC 303, that saw Ian Machado Garry (15-0 MMA) defeat Michael Page (22-3 MMA) by unanimous decision. With the victory, ‘The Future’ remains undefeated in the Octagon.

Speaking on ‘The MMA Hour’ Garry shared that even with the win, he was disappointed in his performance:

“Livid – absolutely livid. It should have been done in the first round. There should have never been a second, there should have never been a third. It should have been, ‘Ian Machado Garry takes his back and subs him unconscious.”

Continuing, Garry said:

“That’s what it should have been. I’ve already lost sleep over that and I just have this burning sensation in my brain that is just – it’s the competitor in me. It’s the perfectionist in me that goes, ‘That was where the fight should have been done and dusted.’”

UFC CEO Dana White, at the post-fight press conference, voiced that he believed the bout between Garry and Page should have been scored a draw. When asked about that comment, Ian Machado Garry had this to say to White and any others feeling the same way:

“You’re full of sh*t. You need to go back and watch the fight. First round was mine. Here’s the thing: There is more of a case to say that I won all three rounds than than there is to say it was a draw. That’s the way I look at it. First round, dominated. No one in the world is arguing that. Third round, it’s pretty obvious I won.”

Concluding, the 26-year-old said (h/t MMAJunkie):

“I ended up on bottom somehow. It was just a weird exchange of punches, ended up on bottom, I used elbows from the bottom, in tight, dirty. I had the damage when I was off my back. I went, ‘OK, I’m going to stand up.’ Then I ended up taking him down, getting his back, and dusting him up a little bit. It wasn’t a massive amount of damage, but there was absolutely nothing from ‘MVP.’”

Were you watching UFC 303? Do you agree with Dana White or are you in agreement with Ian Machado Garry concerning the conclusion of the bout?

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