Ian Machado Garry makes a vow for possible UFC showdown with Colby Covington: “I will rag doll him”

By Fernando Quiles - May 5, 2024

Ian Machado Garry hasn’t let up on his harsh words for Colby Covington amid their online feud.

Ian Machado Garry and Colby Covington

Garry has been climbing up the UFC welterweight rankings, while Covington hopes to avoid sliding down the 170-pound ladder. “The Future” and “Chaos” have hurled barbs at one another with Covington calling Garry a “translucent cuck” in a video posted on his X account. When asked about a potential showdown with Garry, Covington told “TwinsPod” that he doesn’t feel Ian is serious about fighting him.

The Irishman begs to differ.


Ian Machado Garry Makes Bold Promise For Potential Colby Covington Fight

Speaking with Full Send MMA backstage at UFC 301 in Rio, Ian Machado Garry made a vow to dare Covington to wrestle him if they ever step inside the Octagon (h/t MMA Knockout).

“If Colby signs that contract [to fight me], I’m gonna walk out with my knee up going, ‘Take the f****** thing. Take the f****** thing and let’s see what happens.’ I will rag doll him. I promise you now. There’s no doubt in my mind I will rag doll him. The truth is, I genuinely don’t see any world where Colby signs the contract. I genuinely don’t, but if he’s man enough to, and if he has the balls to do it, then Colby, show up.”

Garry went on to express his belief that Colby Covington isn’t nearly as good as he thinks he is.

“Show the people why you’re so good,” Garry said. “I don’t think you’re any f****** good, and I think I’ll slap the mouth off you within five minutes.”

Many fans believe this matchup makes sense given where both men are at in the welterweight division. The question is will it be booked anytime soon?

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