Sean O’Malley fires back at Henry Cejudo over UFC 292 pay-per-view buyrate: “Aljo vs Henry did 135k”

By Cole Shelton - August 31, 2023

Sean O’Malley has fired back at Henry Cejudo.

Sean O'Malley, Henry Cejudo

Cejudo recently took to his YouTube channel to take aim at O’Malley and his star power as he didn’t think ‘Suga’ was as big of a draw as many think. The former UFC flyweight and bantamweight champion also revealed he had someone at ESPN tell him the buyrate for UFC 292 which was headlined by Aljamain Sterling against Sean O’Malley.

“Guess what, guys, I have friends at ESPN. I’m not gonna say who, but Sean O’Malley, you guys wanna know what Sean O’Malley’s buys did, he did anywhere between 300,000 to 350,000,” Henry Cejudo said. “That’s it. That’s all Sean O’Malley made in pay-per-view buys… Is 350,000 pay-per-view buys, is that a surplus or is that down? The other guy who will more likely will probably is Aljamain Sterling. Everyone was projecting that this event was one of the biggest of the year. It’s not true. So, my question is to Sean O’Malley. So you have that sauce to sell, do you have that sauce to be a pay-per-view superstar?”

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After Henry Cejudo’s comments and saying UFC 292 did not sell well, Sean O’Malley took to X to blast ‘Triple C’ as he revealed the buyrate the UFC told him. He also claimed Sterling vs. Cejudo was a pay-per-view buyrate flop.

“Henry sayin Me and Aljo “only” did 350k ppv according to his (girlfriend ) source. I just talked to the ufc and I heard upwards of 570k … legit no kizzy not making this up heard Aljo vs Henry did 135k. Also Henry 5’2 lol,” O’Malley wrote.

With ESPN having control of the UFC pay-per-views, the buyrate is not as public as it used to be. With that, it’s uncertain if either Sean O’Malley or Henry Cejudo are telling the truth about what UFC 292 might have done.

However, there is no question that O’Malley and Cejudo aren’t fans of one another and perhaps the two will fight in the near future.


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