Geoff Neal’s head coach blasts “little kid” Ian Machado Garry for mugshot t-shirt: “The dumbest thing that that kid could have done”

By Cole Shelton - July 17, 2023

Geoff Neal’s head coach Sayif Saud has taken aim at Ian Machado Garry over the t-shirt he was seen wearing at UFC 290.

Geoff Neal and Ian Machado Garry

Garry and Neal are set to fight on August 19 at UFC 292 and at UFC 290, Garry was seen wearing a t-shirt with Neal’s mugshot on it. The t-shirt immediately got fans talking and to no surprise, Saud and Neal both saw it and the Fortis MMA head coach doesn’t think it was very smart of Garry to wear it.

‘You don’t call your shots in the UFC’

“I’m sure you guys saw the little mugshot deal, and I’m not gonna get into it too much, just cause I’m not a f*****g little kid, right? I mean I understand guys gotta do what they gotta do, but I’m not a little kid,” Saud said on Anik & Florian about Ian Macahdo Garry. “So I’m not gonna gossip about stuff and oh this beef and that. Dude, I did tell Sean Shelby, that’s bulletin board material for me. I just stick that right up on the bulletin board and I don’t have to say a goddamn word to Geoff Neal.

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“I mean the dumbest thing that that kid could have done. Whether you know, I don’t know why, and I don’t wanna get into it it’s under my pay grade,” Saud continued. “But he did. Look, he wanted to fight Neil Magny. He got the other Neal and who knows if that was on purpose or not. You don’t call your shots in the UFC when you only are a couple of fights in, fighting guys that are unranked.”

Although Sayif Saud thinks it is bulletin board material, Ian Machado Garry hasn’t shied away from trash-talking. It will be interesting to see what Geoff Neal has to say about the t-shirt. But, at the end of the day, the two will fight and both will let their fists do the talking.

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