Firas Zahabi says he was “speechless” after hearing news of the UFC’s split with USADA: “One guy is going to ruin it for everybody?”

By Harry Kettle - November 9, 2023

Georges St-Pierre’s head coach Firas Zahabi has revealed his concern for the future after UFC’s split with USADA.

Firas Zahabi, Conor McGregor

Last month, it was announced that the Ultimate Fighting Championship would be parting ways with USADA, starting in January 2024. It appeared to be quite a bitter split, with USADA releasing a statement that noted their frustration with Conor McGregor and when he’d be cleared to compete again.


As you can imagine, this caused quite the stir in the MMA community. Many were happy to see USADA go, largely due to the controversies they’ve been involved in ever since their partnership with the UFC began.

Some, however, haven’t been so kind, including Firas Zahabi. The head of Tristar Gym recently gave his thoughts on the matter in a video on the gym’s YouTube channel.

Zahabi questions McGregor’s involvement

“I just saw a headline and I don’t even remember the headline but there could be a lot more to it obviously. If that’s the case, man, what can I say? I’m speechless, man,” Zahabi said. “I’m speechless. That’s ridiculous. One guy is going to ruin it for everybody? We need drug testing guys, it’s out of control. The drugs are out of control, am I the last natural guy left?”

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The expectation right now is that Conor McGregor will return next year, perhaps at UFC 300 in April. Firas Zahabi, meanwhile, continues to serve as one of the most respected coaches in all of mixed martial arts.

Do you have any strong opinions one way or the other regarding USADA? Can you see where Firas Zahabi is coming from with his comments? When do you believe Conor McGregor will return to action? Let us know your thoughts, BJPENN Nation!

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