Loopy Godinez was “shocked” Elise Reed didn’t tap from her armbar, hopes for ranked opponent next to “prove I belong”

By Cole Shelton - September 24, 2023

Loopy Godinez had a ton of confidence heading into her Noche UFC fight against Elise Reed.

Loopy Godinez

Godinez felt like she was the better fighter everywhere and she proved just that. On the feet, Godinez dropped Reed, while she also was able to outwrestle her and even got a submission win. Showing off her complete game is something the Mexican-Canadian has wanted to do for quite some time, so she was thrilled with her performance.

“It was great, I got to show everything, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and striking. All my three coaches were happy, I couldn’t go wrong with that performance. Just really pumped and happy with that performance,” Godinez said to BJPENN.com.

Although Godinez did get the submission win, she thought she was going to get the finish in the first round.

After Loopy Godinez dropped Elise Reed at Noche UFC, she got ahold of her arm and had a tight armbar. However, Reed was somehow able to survive it, which shocked Godines.

“I was surprised, shocked, I couldn’t go anymore or my back was going to break. When I had the arm, I realized she had like rubber arms, like you could bend them quite a bit. I didn’t hear a pop, I don’t think it broke, but I do think I did some damage,” Godinez said.

Now, following the win, Loopy Godinez is the 14th-ranked strawweight, so she’s hoping to fight someone ranked next time out to prove she belongs near the top.

“Honestly, it’s whatever the UFC wants. I’ll be ready if it’s this year, it’s this year, if it’s next year it’s next. I just want to make sure I’m climbing up the ladder so we can fight for that belt… Whoever they give me. I saw I’m ranked number 14 now, so whoever they give me above me is great. There are a lot of girls who are a great challenge for me to get better and prove I belong,” Godinez concluded.


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