John Dodson explains why he signed with BKFC, confident he will KO Ryan Benoit at BKFC 28: “He will want to quit in the first 10 seconds”

By Cole Shelton - August 17, 2022

John Dodson never expected to sign with BKFC but when they gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

John Dodson

Dodson went to a BKFC open tryout near his hometown solely for his brother as his brother has wanted to do bare-knuckle for quite some time. Yet, at the tryout, BKFC was talking to him about signing and when he got an offer, it was something he couldn’t turn down.

“They hit me with an offer that I couldn’t refuse. I was going to go ahead and do this but I made sure they put my brother on the same card as me so we could do it together,” Dodson said on Just Scrap Radio on “My brother had three fights scheduled with them but they never came through. I said if I’m going to fight for you guys, in my hometown, my brother has to be on the card, too.”

Dodson will make his BKFC debut on August 27 at BKFC 28 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which is where Dodson lives against Ryan Benoit. It’s a big stage for Dodson to make his debut and he knows he will be too skilled for the former UFC flyweight in Benoit.

“I’m pretty familiar with Ryan Benoit as I’ve been watching him for years… I’m just going to make sure I can continue to hit this dude and I know he will want to quit in the first 10 seconds,” Dodson said. “As soon as I start putting the punishment on him and putting the pressure on him he won’t be able to keep up with my speed and not only that but he will get hit a lot and that will be the most frustrating thing for him. Every shot is going to hurt him.”

Not only does John Dodson expect to be too fast for Ryan Benoit, but he is confident he will get his hand raised and do so by KO.

“I’m going to land first and last. He’s not going to be anywhere near as fast as I am. I’m going to touch him anytime I want,” Dodson said.

Should Dodson get his hand raised, he wants to be a part of the flyweight tournament while also having another MMA fight later this year.

“BKFC is having an eight-tournament at flyweight so when I stop Ryan Benoit, I want to see what they want me to do next. Maybe I’ll be a part of that tournament,” Dodson concluded.

Do you think John Dodson will finish Ryan Benoit at BKFC 28?