Gillian Robertson opens up on pulling out of UFC 258, expects to submit Miranda Maverick in a “statement” win

By Cole Shelton - March 24, 2021

Gillian Robertson is glad she is fighting Miranda Maverick.

Gillian Robertson

At UFC 258, Robertson and Maverick were expected to fight in an intriguing matchup. However, on the day of the event, Robertson was forced out of the fight due to her being sick. She believes it was caused by food poisoning and not due to her weight cut or COVID-19.

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“That is the first fight I have had to pull out of. I have never turned down a fight or backed out of a fight and have never had an opponent pull out which is lucky,” Robertson said on Just Scrap Radio on “But, so to have to do that, it was more heartbreaking than anything else. I sobbed in my hotel room that whole day, it was my coach’s decision more than mine. I woke up not feeling well, I was still trying to go out there, I tried to warm up to see if I’d feel better but my coach made the decision.”

Although Robertson was forced to pull out of the bout, the Canadian made it clear to the UFC, she wanted the fight against Maverick rebooked. She didn’t want anyone to accuse her of ducking Maverick and liked the matchup.

“I wanted Miranda Maverick, I wanted that matchup. I didn’t want anybody to think I was ducking her or avoiding the fight,” Robertson said. “People needed to know I wanted that fight and I wasn’t trying to get out of it. She is the opponent I want and I will make a statement.”

When Gillian Robertson and Miranda Maverick do end up fighting at UFC 260, Robertson isn’t keeping her game plan a secret. She expects to take the prospect down and submit her.

“Always, we know what my strong point is. I will do everything to get it to the ground and submit her,” Robertson said.

If Robertson get the submission win, she hopes she will once again be fighting ranked opponents.

“Hopefully it is a ranked opponent. I am just looking at going forward and up the ranks,” Robertson concluded.

Do you think Gillian Robertson will beat Miranda Maverick at UFC 260?

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