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By Chris Taylor - April 11, 2020

In our newest segment “Top 5 Knockouts” we take a look back at some of the most brutal finishes that have occurred during numbered UFC events.

Tank Abbott, Jorge Masvidal, Nate Diaz

In this inaugural edition of “Top 5 Knockouts”, we reflect back on UFC events 1-10, which occurred between the years of 1993 to 1996.

During that stretch the Ultimate Fighting Championship produced numerous knockout victories, but the following five KO’s stood out amongst the rest.

UFC 1: Gerard Gordeau def. Teila Tuli via KO in 26 seconds

Gegard Gordeau, a Savate world champion, met sumo wrestler Teili Tuli in the opening round of UFC 1. When the bell rang, Tuli immediately charged across the cage at the Dutchman. Gordeua would push Teili aside and then promptly landed a head kick. He followed that up with a right hand which would end Tuli’s night for good. The stoppage resulted in the first recorded knockout in UFC history.

UFC 2: Patrick Smith  def.  Scott Morris via KO in 30 seconds

In the quarterfinals of UFC 2, taekwondo expert Patrick Smith squared off with proclaimed Ninja, Scott Morris. Unfortunately for Morris, his Ninja expertise proved little help in this bout. Smith quickly took Morris down, proceeded to mount him, and then exploded with a barrage of elbows to secure the finish.

UFC 6: Tank Abbott def. John Matua via KO in 20 seconds

Tank Abbott made his promotional debut against John Matua at UFC 6 in July of 1995. The ‘Bar room brawler‘ would take the MMA world by storm that evening in Wyoming, delivering one of the most devastating KO’s in promotional history. Abbott flatted Matua in just 20-seconds leaving his opponent stiffened up with his arms and legs still in the air.

UFC 8: Gary Goodridge def. Paul Herrera via KO in 13 seconds

Mixed martial arts legend Gary Goodridge made his promotional debut against Paul Herrera at UFC 8 in February of 1996. ‘Big Daddy’ needed just 13-seconds to lock-up Herrera in a crucifix and then demolish him with elbows to the head. The finish is still regarded as one of the most brutal in Ultimate Fighting Championship history.

UFC 8: Don Frye def. Thomas Ramirez via KO in 8 seconds

Don Frye would make his mixed martial arts debut at UFC 8 when he squared off with Thomas Ramirez. The contest lasted a mere 8-seconds, as Frye was able to connect with a perfect right hook that sent Ramirez crashing to the canvas in a state of unconsciousness.

Honorable mentions for ‘Top 5 Knockouts” between UFC 1 – UFC 10 go out to the following:

UFC 2: Orlando Wiet def. Remco Pardoel via KO at 1:26

UFC 3: Harold Howard  def.  Roland Payne via KO in 46 seconds

UFC 6: Paul Varelans def. Cal Worsham via KO in 62 seconds

UFC 7: Marco Ruas def. Paul Verlands via KO at 13:17

April 11, 2020

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