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Don Frye talks about his state of being homeless and multiple suicide attempts

Russell Ess - April 7, 2017

It’s been a rocky road for UFC Hall of Fame legend Don Frye. The MMA legend that helped pave the way in the early days of mixed martial arts has suffered in recent years, going through a divorce and having several surgeries done which caused a brain hemorrhage which forced him to be put into a medically induced coma.

Don Frye discusses Mark Hunt lawsuit
Mark Hunt

Don Frye blasts Mark Hunt for steroid lawsuit: you know what you signed up for

Tom Taylor - January 20, 2017

In July of 2016, Mark Hunt was tasked with welcoming former UFC heavyweight champion and long time pro wrestling star Brock Lesnar back to the Octagon. Though many expected Hunt to level his returning foe, he was ultimately outwrestled for three, gruelling rounds, giving up a unanimous decision as a result. In the days after their fight, however, it was revealed that Lesnar had failed two drug tests, as he was flagged for the estrogen blocker clomiphene. Though this crime saw Lesnar receive a one year suspension and a $250,000 fine, and have his win overturned, this was not a severe enough punishment in Hunt’s eyes. So, after months of criticism of both Lesnar and the UFC, he has elected to take both parties to court.

ufc hall of fame
Don Frye

UFC Hall of Famer Don Frye still recovering after two-month medically induced coma

Russell Ess - December 5, 2016

If you’re familiar with Don Frye, you know the MMA veteran is in the UFC Hall of Fame for good reason. “The Predator” fought in the early days of the UFC, making his professional debut at UFC 8 where he fought three different men in one night in a David vs. Goliath tournament, beating all three of his bigger opponents in the first round. The American’s skill and spirit made him a favorite amongst the fans from the early days of MMA.

Don Frye
Don Frye

Report | MMA legend Don Frye hospitalized and not doing well

Chris Taylor - October 11, 2016

According to a report, mixed martials arts legend Don “The Predator” Frye is currently in a Los Angeles Hospital and not doing well. MMA.TV member “ocbadapple” took to the popular forum and reported the following news: “Apparently Don has been at Cedars Sinai for about a week and has had some issues , with among other things, pneumonia. Im told he’s not doing too good.