Frank Lester and Diego Sanchez believe Mike Perry will be better following split from Danielle Nickerson

By Chris Taylor - May 24, 2020

As most MMA fans already know, UFC welterweight standout Mike Perry recently parted ways with his wife Danielle Nickerson.

Mike Perry, Danielle Nickerson

The couple had been married for approximately seven months before ‘Platinum’ allegedly “dumped her ass” according to former striking coach Frank Lester.

In a post on his official Instagram page, Lester expressed his delight after hearing news of the couples breakup.

When @gremlinswife told me Mike Perry broke up with dumb ass Danielle 😂😂😂 #isaidbyebish #buhbye #thesehoesaintloyal #TANKLIFE #PMP

Former UFC title challenger and TUF 1 winner Diego Sanchez then shared his take on the situation.

“I tried to warn him in a kind loving way when he announced engagement.” Sanchez commented on Lester’s post.

A fan then responded to the comments from Diego Sanchez and Frank Lester asking “What’s wrong with Danielle?? We’re all confused by this.”

Lester replied by suggesting that the ‘Platinum Princess’ was hurting Mike Perry’s career:

“Bro, she’s retarded. Selfish. F*ck’s with Mike’s head. He’ll live a better life without her in it. Is my opinion.”

Another follower responded and asked “How long is she gonna keep her name ‘Platinum Princess’ lmao”.

Frank Lester responded by further digging into the ex of Mike Perry in Nickerson.

“Probably forever. She’s gonna ride his coattails as long as possible. It’s her only way back to ‘fame’ because she thinks because she’s Mike’s girlfriend and se sits in the corner saying useless sh*t, she’s ‘famous’.”

Lester would later confirm that both Mike Perry and Danielle Nickerson have stayed at his house. “Mike lived with me when he was in Albuquerque for both camps and I know all the drama. She’s no good. F*cked with his head, tears him down just because she wants to control him.”

Frank Lester continued by revealing that Mike Perry does not even talk to him anymore, but that he was happy for ‘Platinum’ that he has moved on to a new woman.

“Mike don’t even talk to me anymore and I was excited for him to hear he was back with Shorty from Texas who also stayed at my house. Shorty way cooler and fun, and that’s good for Mike. He’s a dangerous man when he is having fin in life. It translates to the cage.”

Mike Perry

Mike Perry recently announced that he will not have any coaches in his corner for his next UFC fight, instead just his new girlfriend in Latory Gonzalez.

After starting his UFC career with four knockout wins against one decision loss, ‘Platinum’ has since gone just 2-5 over his past seven Octagon appearances.

What do you think of the comments from Frank Lester and Diego Sanchez insinuating that Danielle Nickerson was a bad matchup for Mike Perry? Share your thoughts in the comments section PENN Nation!

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