Daniel Cormier envious of José Aldo ahead of UFC 301 return: ‘I wanted that moment one time…”

By Curtis Calhoun - May 2, 2024

UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier wishes he could’ve replicated one of José Aldo’s biggest wins of his legendary career.

Daniel Cormier, José Aldo

Aldo will end his two-year MMA retirement when he returns to the Octagon this Saturday at UFC 301. He’ll face #13 bantamweight contender Jonathan Martinez in the pay-per-view co-main event.

Aldo intends to finish his UFC contract by returning to Rio de Janeiro this weekend. It’s uncertain if he wants to fight in MMA again past UFC 301, especially after hinting at his desire for more boxing fights.

If this is Aldo’s last UFC hurrah, Cormier wants newer fans to understand the impact that Aldo has had on him and other fighting legends.

Daniel Cormier reflects on one of José Aldo’s most memorable UFC moments

During a recent episode of Good Guy/Bad Guy with Chael Sonnen, Cormier pointed to a memorable moment from Aldo’s career that he wishes he could’ve replicated.

“I didn’t respect small guys to that degree before Aldo,” Cormier said of Aldo. “So there is no Max, Conor, any respect for the smaller dudes if Aldo didn’t lead the way with his performances. The moment that I truly recognized his star, was when he fought Chad Mendes [the first time]. When Chad’s behind him, he’s got a lock on the waist, José turns, gives him a knee, puts Chad down, jumps over the Octagon and rushes to the crowd in Rio and he’s holding the flag. They’re picking him up, jumping. It was a mob scene…

“I thought to myself ‘Wow, if I can have one moment, just one moment to feel what this guy is feeling right now, my entire athletics career would be complete’. One moment to feel what he felt, after watching his joy, his excitement, and the way he inspired a country and inspired his city. I wanted it one time, bro. That’s what José Aldo was.”

Aldo defeated Chad Mendes twice during his UFC featherweight title reign, including the event Cormier referenced above. He knocked out Mendes with a knee at UFC 142 before defeating him in their rematch just four fights later.

Aldo entered the UFC Hall of Fame last year and is arguably the greatest featherweight of all time. Alexander Volkanovski recently endorsed Aldo as the featherweight GOAT this week ahead of his comeback.

Aldo has the chance for at least one more signature moment before he hangs up his UFC gloves, and Cormier’s remarks show the impact he’s had on fighters around the world.

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