VIDEO | Former ESPN reporter confuses Dana White for Joe Rogan in horrific interview gaffe

By Josh Evanoff - March 27, 2024

It’s apparently not as easy to discern UFC President Dana White and Joe Rogan as one would assume.

Dana White, Sage Steele

Earlier today, the promoter appeared on Sage Steele’s podcast. The former reporter famously left ESPN last August, after a lengthy legal battle with the company. Like many, she quickly created a podcast, and felt that Dana White would be a great guest. Despite his promises not to, the UFC CEO continues to make podcast appearances.

The two recently had a lengthy discussion, that was filled with many highlights. The interview saw Dana White once again slam media, stating that podcasts are the way to go in the form of doing press. It was a good discussion, all the way until the end.  To conclude, Sage Steele asked, what was Joe Rogan’s biggest dream?

Naturally, that caught Dana White off-guard, because he is not Joe Rogan. The promoter couldn’t help but joke about the absolutely surreal moment. Steele quickly corrected herself, but White couldn’t stop laughing hysterically at the situation. Especially considering that the former reporter spent nearly 80 minutes interviewing him, believing that he was Rogan.

To White’s credit, he quickly shifted the conversation and made jokes about it. The UFC CEO added that he’s actually been bald, far longer than the longtime commentator.



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Former ESPN reporter Sage Steele confuses UFC CEO Dana White for Joe Rogan

“I have one last question: What is Joe Rogan’s dream? Joe Rogan, [I mean] Dana White.” Sage Steele stated in the final moments of the nearly 90-minute podcast.

White quickly responded, “What’s Joe Rogan’s dream? Did you just, you did you think I was Rogan? She just called me f*cking Joe Rogan? You thought I was f*cking Joe Rogan? I was bald before Joe was ever bald… I just did a f*cking two-hour podcast, I flew here from Vegas, and she thought she was interviewing Joe Rogan. I’m done.”

“If you call me Howie Mandel before I leave here,” Dana White concluded. “That’s a wrap!”

To the defense of Sage Steele, Rogan, and White do have a lot in common, even beyond being bald. The two are close friends and share a lot of similar viewpoints as well.  White has even revealed that when Rogan was under immense public pressure in 2022, he offered to resign to save the color commentator’s job when it was at stake.

What do you make of this video involving UFC President Dana White and Joe Rogan? 

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