Howie Mandel still doesn’t know why Dana White left his podcast early: “I have no explanation”

By Cole Shelton - February 23, 2024

Howie Mandel still isn’t sure why UFC CEO Dana White walked off his podcast a few weeks ago.

Howie Mandel and Dana White

During Super Bowl week in Las Vegas, White was on Radio Row doing several radio hits and podcasts. But, when he went on Mandel’s show, the comedian had a grand introduction for the UFC boss.

“You are not only an amazing businessman, you are an inspiration, you are a philosopher. The way you do business, the way you conduct your business, and your friendships and media, I’m jealous. But, Dana, I can’t thank you enough for being here,” Mandel said.

However, after Mandel’s introduction, Dana White said he was done with podcasts and walked off the set.

“Thank you for all the kind words, I appreciate it. I am so f*****g tired of doing podcasts. I’m literally done with them. I’m not doing any more podcasts,” White said.

It was a surprise to see Dana White walk off Howie Mandel’s podcast like that. And, weeks later, the comedian says he still isn’t sure why the UFC CEO didn’t do his show. However, he says he knows something like that could have happened on his live show, but was surprised it did.

“What you saw is what you get,” Mandel said to Postmedia about Dana White walking off his show. “I don’t know. It just happened. I don’t have any real insight. I have no explanation. He hasn’t talked about it … I love doing a podcast. I love spending quality time with my daughter. It’s something that came out of the pandemic. We were hanging out, calling my celebrity friends, and it morphed into Howie Mandel Does Stuff, which is growing by leaps and bounds as we speak. We’re doing them live and anything can happen…

“I don’t know, I don’t know. We’re not produced … That’s the beauty and the hell of doing what we do, and we’re just going to move on … hopefully that doesn’t happen a lot. But anything can happen,” Mandel continued about Dana White.

Dana White has also yet to comment on the matter, but it seems likely that he won’t be appearing on Howie Mandel’s podcast anytime soon.