Dana White reflects on the time he lost $3 million drunkenly playing blackjack: “I’m coming back for it”

By Josh Evanoff - March 26, 2024

UFC President Dana White is a noted gambler, and he doesn’t always come out on top.

Dana White

The promoter has spoken in the past about being banned for his massive wins at the table. However, Dana White doesn’t always have success when gambling. Just last August, the UFC CEO reportedly lost $600,000 on a game of blackjack, which led to concern from Joe Rogan. However, that’s not even close to the biggest loss that he’s had.

Speaking with Lex Fridman in a recent interview, Dana White was asked about his love for gambling. There, the promoter opened up on his biggest loss, which came out to be around $3 million. According to White, he had one too many drinks while playing blackjack. From what he remembered, he lost only $80,000 the night before.

However, after making a few calls around, Dana White realized that he had lost millions. He entered the night only having a million and a half credit line but made an angry call to raise it. That’s a mistake that White hopes to not make again. At the very least, he hopes that the mistake isn’t as expensive.


UFC President Dana White reveals his biggest gambling loss

“I would call this is the biggest loss for many different reasons.” Dana White stated on Lex Fridman’s podcast. “You live and you learn in life, and you figure things out as you go along. So one night, I’m over at the Rio, and they got these big suites over there. So I go over there with some buddies and we’ve got one of those suites and we have dinner and start drinking. It starts to ramp up, I’m having a good time and I make my way down to the high-limit room and we start gambling.”

He continued, “I’m continuing to drink, and having a blast. I end up leaving and going home that night, and I lost like $80,000. So I wake up the next morning, ‘F*ck those motherf*ckers got me for $80,000 last night’. So I’m at work the next day, and the host over there calls me… I told him, ‘Don’t get too comfortable with my $80,000, I’m coming back for it’. Dead f*cking silence on the other end of the phone. He’s like, ‘Dana, you lost three million dollars last night.’

“Like, what the f*ck are you talking about? I only have a million and a half credit line.” Dana White concluded. “He goes ‘You made us call the GM of the hotel and you started calling him a f*cking p*ssy’. I went, that does sound like something I would do.”

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