Dana White names the one bad thing about dealing with Conor McGregor: “The guy doesn’t show up on time”

By Harry Kettle - March 27, 2024

UFC CEO Dana White has named one bad thing about dealing with mixed martial arts superstar Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor and Dana White

Another day, another layer of uncertainty regarding the return of ‘Notorious’. The Irishman has been teasing a comeback for a long time now, but at this moment in time, no announcement has been formally made.

Despite that, it still seems as if he’s on pretty good terms with Dana White. The two men have done a lot of business together over the years and, as such, have made a great deal of money.

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However, in a recent interview, Dana White did reveal one thing that he wishes was different in their relationship.

White’s one McGregor complaint

“Conor McGregor has been an incredible partner to work with,” White said. “If Conor showed up to things on time, there wouldn’t be one f***ing bad thing I could say about Conor, you know what I mean?

“If you f***ing said, put a gun to my f***ing head, right? And said, ‘Don’t lie motherf***er, tell me all the bad things about Conor McGregor.’ I’d say the guy doesn’t show up on time. That’s it. If Conor McGregor showed up to s**t on time, and sometimes he does, sometimes he does, he’d be- he’s been a great partner.”

“The other thing Conor McGregor never did, no matter how big he was or whatever it was,” White said. “When were heading into a fight, ‘Oh Conor, this guy just fell out. Aldo fell out. We’re looking for another.’ ‘Yeah I’ll do it, but I’m gonna need another 200,000, I’m gonna need another million dollars.’ Conor McGregor never did that kind of chicken s**t, you know, bulls**t kind of stuff.”

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