Dana White discusses body transformation: “So addicting that it just makes everything in your life better”

By Zain Bando - October 18, 2023

UFC CEO Dana White has become a completely different person over the last year or so.

Dana White, Jon Jones

While his fiery personality with fighters and media members has remained status quo, it’s the drastic change in his health that has the Boston and Las Vegas native singing the praises of Gary Brecka, a human biologist who implemented a 10-week program in the summer of 2022 to increase his life occupancy and make him feel better physically overall.

Brecka and Dana White have made public appearances in interviews before. Still, Brecka, 54, and White, who just turned 54 in July, finally had a sit-down conversation as part of Brecka’s new podcast, “The Ultimate Human.”

The podcast’s goal is for Brecka to have influential people discuss their experiences working with him and why other people facing a similar dilemma about their health should make the proper lifestyle changes before it’s too late.

White and Brecka spoke for almost 40 minutes, discussing the key signs and symptoms of White’s metabolic syndrome ordeals. Everything from Activities of Daily Living to difficulty putting on shoes while bending down became near-impossible tasks for White. These struggles also contributed to lack of sleep, bloated weight gain, loss of energy, and unhealthy eating.


Dana White was introduced to Brecka shortly before UFC 275, which White did not attend due to his son’s birthday the same weekend. A few days later, Brecka evaluated White, to which the CEO learned he had only 10.4 years to live.

In 10 weeks, White said he felt the best he had in 20 years, thanks to Brecka, which he detailed during the episode. It can be watched below.

Before the episode wrapped up, White was asked how the program changed his life and how it could benefit others. He said it was a no-brainer.

“It’s exciting,” Dana White said. “I don’t know if I’ve ever been happier. Like you said, I jump up every day, ready to kick today’s ass, and I love what I do. I love doing it, and it’s unexplainable.

White continued as he reiterated how it improves every aspect of life.

“If you want me to ask you what it means to be an ultimate human and what it feels like to be superhuman, I can’t put it into words, but it’s such a feeling that becomes so good and so addicting that it just makes everything in your life better.”

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