Dillon Danis claims he made over $1 million for boxing match with Logan Paul

By Susan Cox - October 18, 2023

Dillon Danis is claiming he made over $1 million for his boxing match with Logan Paul.

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This past Saturday, October 14th, saw Dillon Danis vs. Logan Paul in an exhibition boxing match. The result was Paul defeating Danis by disqualification after a six round match. Following the fight a mass brawl ensued at the AO Arena in Manchester, England.

TMZ‘ posted to ‘X’ the following statement:

“Dillon Danis apparently got paid a pretty penny to get his ass whooped by Logan Paul.”

Danis sat down with broadcaster Piers Morgan on his show ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’ and spoke about the purse. Morgan posted the following comment along with a video interview with Danis to ‘X’:

“Will Dillon Danis keep his promise and hand over the cheque he promised Logan Paul after his defeat? Find out tonight at 8pm…”

Apparently Danis said to Paul ahead of the bout:

“If I win I get to be the best man at your wedding.”

To which Paul responded:

“If I win I get your entire purse.”

In talking to Pierce Morgan, Danis clarified:

“We never shook hands.”

Continuing, Danis believes he could have the decision overturned and come out the winner of the boxing match because Logan Paul attempted to punch him while he was on the ground.

“It actually might be a win for me. I might be the winner.”

Pretty sure that’s inaccurate, as Danis lost every round and then was disqualified in the sixth.

Piers then showed Danis a very oversized cheque and asked if he were to put a figure there (the cheque) what would it be:

“Over a million.” (US)

Now the question remains, will Dillon Danis get reimbursed for his boxing match with Logan Paul or will Danis have to give up his entire purse to Paul?

Do you believe Danis should be paid over a million dollars for his performance last Saturday night?

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