Curtis Blaydes explains why he believes Francis Ngannou has a better shot in boxing compared to Conor McGregor

By Harry Kettle - April 21, 2023

Curtis Blaydes has explained why he thinks former opponent Francis Ngannou has a better shot in boxing than Conor McGregor did.

Curtis Blaydes Francis Ngannou

This weekend, Curtis Blaydes will take on Sergei Pavlovich in a blockbuster heavyweight collision. It will serve as his latest attempt to force himself into the title conversation.

The current champion is Jon Jones but prior to that, it was Francis Ngannou, the man who has beaten Blaydes on two separate occasions.

‘The Predator’ left the UFC earlier this year in search of pastures new. While nothing has been announced, the expectation is that he will compete in the world of professional boxing.

A lot of folks are excited to see exactly what that looks like, including Curtis Blaydes.

“The only reason he has a chance to beat those guys is because it’s heavyweight. If he was 155 [pounds] like [Conor] McGregor [no chance]. I never thought [Conor] was actually going to beat Floyd. Not for one second because it’s not heavyweight. He doesn’t have that one punch knockout power, especially with those big gloves on.”

Blaydes backs Ngannou

“I’ve sparred with big gloves and I’ve sparred with little gloves. They’re different sports. The things you can get away with doing with big gloves and the things you can get away with, with small gloves, it’s a different sport. Without small gloves, McGregor had no chance against a guy like Floyd. Ngannou is a heavyweight. He hits you one time, even with those gloves on, you can go to sleep. He’s got a shot.”

Quotes via Sportskeeda

It may seem farfetched to some, but we all know the power that Ngannou possesses.

Do you agree with Curtis Blaydes on this? If we do see Francis Ngannou compete in boxing, who do you want to see him fight first? Let us know in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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