VIDEO | Gilbert Melendez breaks down Eddie Alvarez vs. Conor McGregor

By Russell Ess - October 27, 2016

One of the greatest cards in UFC history is set to take place just a little over two weeks from today. Three UFC championship title fights will go down at UFC 205 with the main event being headlined by the lightweight title showdown between champion Eddie Alvarez looking to defend his title for the first time against current UFC featherweight champion, Conor McGregor.

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What makes the lightweight title fight different than any other is that Conor McGregor has a chance to make history by becoming the first fighter in the UFC to ever be the champion of two UFC divisions at the same time. However, “The Notorious” has a tough task ahead of him as Eddie Alvarez is no easy fight.

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Gilbert Melendez, a former UFC opponent of Alvarez gives his breakdown of the lightweight title showdown in this feature from Champions.

“It’s gonna be a terrific fight,” Melendez said. “Both of these guys are hard hitters. I think McGregor has a little bit more low mileage on him, on his chin than Eddie Alvarez who has been around. He’s a banger, likes to stay in the pocket but with the years of damage, he’s become a more elusive fighter now. Especially in the UFC, going against guys like myself, Pettis, and against Cowboy [Cerrone], he hasn’t been the stand in the center, pocket guy. He’s more of a strategic guy using footwork to stay on the outside or closing the distance and pressing you against the cage.

“These are the tactics I think he’s going to use against Conor McGregor. Don’t stand toe-to-toe with Conor. You know, although you may be able to strike with him, that’s his best chance. Conor McGregor is a great striker, has a long reach, gonna have the longer reach and he’s willing to stay there in the pocket and he has a good chin as well. Though it could be a good matchup in there, it’s best for Eddie to stick and move, try to land the takedown and I think he will get the takedown.

“We’ve seen Chad Mendes get the takedown. But, who knows? Conor made some great adjustments against Nate and who knows if he’s gonna make some adjustments with his defense and his jiu-jitsu game if he’ll be able to defend the takedown and get to his feet.”

Melendez went on to give his prediction on the scenarios for both Alvarez and McGregor to win.

“If Eddie Alvarez wins, I believe it can go the distance,” Melendez said. “He may ground and pound him, but I feel it will be a more tactical fight.

“I think if Conor wins, it’s gonna be definitely by a TKO,” Melendez said not picking one fighter to win just yet.

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Who are you picking to win the fight between Eddie Alvarez and Conor McGregor? Give us your prediction in the comment section!

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