Joe Rogan: ‘I think people are f—ing sleeping on Eddie Alvarez’

UFC lightweight title fight

Eddie Alvarez and Conor McGregor meet for their UFC lightweight championship bout at UFC 205 on November 12 in New York. McGregor, who holds the UFC featherweighttitle, will go up in weight to challenge Alvarez for his UFC lightweight title. The Irishman will get his chance to become a two-weight UFC world champion, and become the first fighter in UFC history to simultaneously hold two division’s titles at the same time.

However, Eddie Alvarez is no easy fight for anyone at 155 pounds. UFC commentator Joe Rogan spoke about the matchup during his UFC 204 “Fight Companion” podcast over the weekend.

Conor McGregor Eddie Alvarez staredown

“I think people are fucking sleeping on Eddie Alvarez,” Rogan said (at 41:15 of the video) “I think he’s a dangerous, dangerous 155 lber. That motherf—er can punch. He punches hard, he’s fast as f–k and there’s not a human alive that’s more game than that kid.”

“I agree 100 percent,” Brendan Schaub replied.

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“Conor is a God damn phenom,” Rogan added. “He’s got as Firas Zahabi likes to call it, ‘The touch of death,’ in his hands.”

“It’s a scary fight man,” Schaub replied. “Anyone who thinks it’s an easy fight or not a big fight for Conor, they just don’t know the sport. I’m talking about the underground king.”

“I think at 55, and everyone knows I’m the biggest Conor nut-rider in the world, at 55, I just don’t see a ton of success there. I think Eddie Alvarez, If you look at the top five, it’s his easiest match-up and that’s a fucking nightmare for him. Because Eddie can grapple his ass off, he’s been in so many big fights, he doesn’t get tired, he doesn’t mind winning by the decision either.”

“He doesn’t get tired and he’s a bigger grappler,” Rogan reiterated. “And, he can f—ing crack!”

In regards to analyzing how McGregor can win, Schaub breaks his view down of the fight.

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“Well think about it. How does Conor win this fight? He has to knock him out. He has five rounds to knock him out. You’re not winning a decision against Eddie,” Schaub claimed. “The grappling, the takedowns, the endurance, with the striking. As the rounds go on the knockout power goes down.”

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