Michael Chandler discusses the high stakes for slated Conor McGregor fight: “This is a must-win for both of us”

By Harry Kettle - July 19, 2023

Michael Chandler has discussed the high stakes that are involved in his upcoming fight with rival Conor McGregor.

Michael Chandler

For months now, fans have been waiting for an announcement regarding Michael Chandler vs Conor McGregor. Unfortunately, with Conor still not ready to compete, we’ve heard nothing. A few teases have been made here and there, but the Irishman is yet to re-enroll in the USADA testing pool.

As for Michael Chandler, all he can really do is sit back and wait. This will easily be the biggest payday of his career thus far and he doesn’t want to let it slip through his fingers.


In terms of the bout itself, it certainly feels like a hard one to call. What we do know, though, is that the stakes are as high as they can be – and Chandler agrees with that assessment.

“I do think it’s a must-win for both of us,” Chandler said. “I need to continue to stamp my name as one of the best lightweights in the world. Yes, I’m 2-3 fighting the best guys in the world, in the weight class. I came in, nobody’s had a stronger strength of schedule right away when they came into the UFC than I have, and that’s what I asked for. That’s what I wanted. That’s what I believe Conor saw in me. He needs a big dance partner to have the biggest fight possible, the biggest stage possible. This is a must-win for both of us.

Chandler gets honest

“I have to go out there and beat Conor to continue to legitimize myself as a guy who should be in the UFC Hall of Fame, as a guy who can still go and fight for the UFC title in 2024. I am the guy who has to be on the biggest, brightest stage and perform to the best of my ability. That’s what I have to do.”

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