Conor McGregor Celebrates Being ‘Filthy Rich’ in a Post Packed With Metaphors

Conor McGregor

After Conor McGregor lost to Floyd Mayweather, you sure couldn’t say he appeared defeated just by looking at him. He was all smiles, his new brand of whiskey in hand, addressing the media at the podium like a man who just closed the business deal of a lifetime. In a way, that’s exactly what happened. Back in October of 2016, McGregor’s net winnings so far in his career topped $22 million, according to Forbes. Conor McGregor made more than that just walking in the door of the T-Mobile arena to box ‘Money’ Mayweather.

Numbers started to roll in and the urge to brag was much too great. On Twitter, Mayweather posted a photo comparing his fight with McGregor to a world record-breaking bank heist. Not to be outdone, McGregor wants whom it may concern to know that he got out with more than his fair share as well. Today he slapped a picture of himself on the internet mid-jaw stretch, complete with a caption ripe with metaphor.

“The captured Orangutan who obeyed the rules of a Circus and got filthy rich from it.”

The entire lead-up to May/Mac featured Conor McGregor whittling away at boxing’s conventions. Every turn, McGregor reminded everyone that all of his MMA ‘weapons’ would be taken away, rules would bound him tight, and that if this was in the Octagon then Mayweather would never last 30 seconds. In the Twitter post, this must be what McGregor is referencing when he says he obeyed the rules of a ‘circus’ and was rewarded handsomely.

Maybe the most interesting thing, is that McGregor is only wearing on boxing glove. It could have been completely by accident. He could have been getting ready and his team just took a shot, liked it, and posted it. However, we’d like to think that Conor McGregor was intentionally referencing Art Jimmerson. He’s the boxer who decided to wear one glove against Royce Gracie at the very first UFC tournament.

Art Jimmerson

This article first appeared on on 9/2/2017.

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