Dustin Poirier responds after Conor McGregor suggests he signed up for “a donation, not a debt”

By Adam D Martin - April 12, 2021

UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier responded after Conor McGregor suggested that the superstar signed up for “a donation, not a debt.”

Dustin Poirier

On Sunday night, Poirier made the stunning revelation that Team McGregor had not donated money to his “Good Fight Foundation” as was previously reported. In January, Team McGregor said that $500,000 was on the way to Poirier’s wife Jolie. However, Poirier claimed that the team never received the money, and after taking social media to reveal that, McGregor piped back by confirming that the money was indeed not sent, with the Irishman suggesting that he signed up for “a donation, not a debt.”

Now Poirier has responded to what McGregor has to say. In his latest tweet, “The Diamond” once again reiterated that McGregor ghosted him and his team on the money.

100% never a debt. You offered, we accepted, and like I said your Team never responded to our emails regarding the process of where funds would be put to work! July 10th you will taste defeat yet Again

This is most definitely a bad look on McGregor. Even if he doesn’t like Poirier, the fact of the matter is he promised to make a charitable donation, and now it looks like those plans are being dragged through the mud. It’s one thing to say that you are going to make the charitable donation, but to actually go through on it was what everyone was hoping for.

It’s just very bizarre that Team McGregor said three months ago the money was on the way but only now is Poirier saying it never came and only now is McGregor admitting it was never sent. You think this would have been something that was taken care of months ago. On July 10 at UFC 264, the rivals will get to settle their differences inside the Octagon.

Do you think Conor McGregor will eventually give Dustin Poirier the money?

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