Mike Perry takes a shot at Ben Askren: “So a fighter gets KO’d in 5 seconds so he gets a million dollar PPV opportunity”

Mike Perry

UFC welterweight Mike Perry took a shot at Ben Askren, saying “a fighter gets KO’d in 5 seconds so he gets a million-dollar PPV opportunity.”

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 23, Perry lost a lopsided unanimous decision to Daniel Rodriguez to drop his second straight fight and suffer his fourth loss in his last five fights. Overall, Perry is now 7-8 in the UFC, and after losing to Rodriguez, he posted a statement on his social media that suggested he believes he doesn’t have much left in the tank.

Considering how his recent UFC run has gone, it’s understandable that Perry isn’t happy about what’s going on with him, and now it looks like he’s trying to do a little bit of soul searching. Taking to his social media not long after the Rodriguez fight, Perry decided to take a shot at Askren ahead of his upcoming boxing match with Jake Paul on Saturday.

So a fighter gets ko’d in 5 seconds so he gets a million dollar ppv opportunity

Perry is certainly not the first fighter who has taken a shot at Askren, and he won’t be the last. A lot of fighters are not happy that Askren, a fighter who didn’t have much success in the UFC, is now about to make seven figures for his boxing match with Paul. It’s an opportunity that plenty of other fighters wish they had, Perry most certainly included. For these fighters, it’s difficult for them to see Askren get these huge opportunities for huge money while they continue to get tough fights in the UFC for less money. In the end, Perry may end up having his chance to box if the UFC ends up releasing him from his contract.

Do you think other fighters such as Mike Perry hold a grudge towards Ben Askren for getting more opportunities?

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