Daniel Cormier reacts to sexual assault allegations against Conor McGregor

By Harry Kettle - June 22, 2023

UFC commentator Daniel Cormier has given his thoughts on the sexual assault allegations being made against Conor McGregor.

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It’s safe to say that Conor McGregor’s future is uncertain. He was supposed to be fighting Michael Chandler later this year, but it doesn’t appear as if that’s going to happen in 2023.

In addition, he’s also facing fresh sexual assault allegations stemming from a rumored incident at an NBA Finals game. McGregor’s team have come out and denied the allegations, with a full investigation currently being undertaken.


Unfortunately, it’s not the first time that Conor has landed himself in hot water – as has been reported on numerous occasions.

In the eyes of Daniel Cormier, a fellow two-weight UFC champion, the Irishman has become a victim to the fame he’s been able to accumulate.

“You almost become a victim to the fame,” Cormier said. “[Ryan Clark] and I don’t know that level of fame, we just never got there. But you almost become a victim to the fame. And it seems as though he’s unwilling to let go of that, to let go of the idea that he can do less, that he has to be insulated. That he has to be surrounded by people that say no.”

Cormier questions McGregor

“As [Ryan Clark] and I both know – especially fighters – as you sign all the checks, people are less likely to say no to you. Because they don’t wanna let go of the money. And I think that is what McGregor finds himself in that situation.”

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