Conor McGregor sounds off on Artem Lobov following latest lawsuit for intimidation: “I’m not paying these lawyers nothing”

By Susan Cox - December 15, 2022

Conor McGregor is sounding off on Artem Lobov following his latest lawsuit for intimidation.


Former MMA fighter Artem Lobov has apparently filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Conor McGregor. Lobov maintains he is entitled to a percentage of McGregor’s earnings in the sale of the Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey brand.

Lobov also is suing for defamation of character as a result of McGregor’s ‘concerted social media barrage’ with the intent of harassing, intimidating and defaming the Russian star.

McGregor sold the majority of his interest in the Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey in 2021 for an estimated $600 million dollars. Apparently Lovov believes he deserves a piece of that pie.

Lobov (13-15 MMA), who retired from combat sports in 2021, and McGregor (22-6 MMA) were not only friends but training partners as well. But now – friends – not so much.

The 36-year-old Russian claims he was not only instrumental in assisting McGregor develop the whiskey brand but also was an intricate part of the decision to choose a whiskey venture over a vodka venture.

Lobov’s attorney, Dermot McNamara, issued the following statement concerning the lawsuit:

“My client is a retired professional fighter with a master’s degree from DCU in Finance and Capital Markets. We have issued High Court proceedings on his behalf to enforce an agreement with Mr. McGregor regarding the Proper No. 12 whiskey brand. My client was the initial creator and co-founder of the concept to launch an Irish whiskey brand associated with Mr. McGregor. As these matters are now before the court, we will not be making any further comment.”

McGregor’s attorneys have denied Lobov’s allegations, indicating that the Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey was “created, developed, branded and tirelessly promoted” by the Irishman himself.

‘Notorious’ has sounded off on ‘Twitter‘ concerning Lobov with the following tweets:

“I’m not paying these lawyers nothing. Little rartem is. The business genius with his college degree. F**kin jackass.”

Continuing the Irishman said:

“I’ve decided to write a book. I’m calling it ‘coat tail riding rat c*nt rest in piss’.”

Apparently Lobov told McGregor back in 2019 that he would not be seeking money in connection with the whiskey sale.

Lobov was quoted as saying:

“Let me start by saying that I swear on my child’s life that I will NOT take a cent out of the whiskey deal!!! That is something I enjoyed doing and the thought of knowing that I helped you with something keeps we warm on the coldest of nights.”

Apparently, the Russian has had a change of heart and McGregor continued with his rant saying:

“Swearing on your child’s life is ludicrous pal. Actually Revolting. ‘Keeps me warm on the coldest of nights’ hahaha f*cksake lad wtf happened you man? Piss off and leave me alone how bout that lad? F*ckin turn coat prick.”

Yup, definitely not sounding like friends anymore.

Any thoughts on McGregor’s verbiage and if Lobov should be entitled to compensation?

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