Conor McGregor claims Artem Lobov is now suing him and his father for defamation: “Artem you look like an uncooked sausage of a thing”

By Cole Shelton - November 29, 2022

Conor McGregor has taken another shot at Artem Lobov.

Conor McGregor, Artem Lobov

Recently, it was reported that Lobov was suing McGregor for millions alleging that he was pivotal in developing McGregor’s Proper No. 12 Irish Whiskey. Lobov reportedly had an agreement that entitles him to five percent of the money McGregor made from the sale.

“My client is a retired professional fighter with a master’s degree from DCU in Finance and Capital Markets,” Lobov’s attorney, Dermot McNamara said. “We have issued High Court proceedings on his behalf to enforce an agreement with Mr McGregor regarding the Proper No. 12 whiskey brand. My client was the initial creator and co-founder of the concept to launch an Irish whiskey brand associated with Mr. McGregor. As these matters are now before the court, we will not be making any further comment.”

After the news came out, McGregor took to social media to blast Lobov and said he was a rat. Now, he has taken to social media again to reveal Lobov is suing him for defamation.

“Artem is trying to sue me and my father for defamation now as well ahahaja oh lord, god bless. Artem you look like an uncooked sausage of a thing. Jump on the pan for minute pal you look rough mate. God bless ya pal,” McGregor tweeted about Lobov.

Conor McGregor also didn’t stop there as he then sent out a voice message and had some more choice words for Artem Lobov.

“Artem is a waffler, nah nah nah, hey nah nah nah, hey. Artem is is a waffler, nah nah nah, hey, nah nah nah. Bro we had a chat about f*****g our love of reptiles and rats. Do you not remember that chat mate, no? You silly c**t,” McGregor said.

As of right now, it’s uncertain when this case will go to court. But, there’s no question McGregor is mad that Lobov is suing him.

What do you make of Conor McGregor taking another shot at Artem Lobov?