Conor McGregor says punching Miami Heat mascot was “all a skit,” despite sending him to hospital

By Cole Shelton - June 14, 2023

Conor McGregor has opened up on his altercation with the Miami Heat mascot.

Conor McGregor

McGregor was in attendance for Game 4 of the NBA Finals and during a commercial break to promote a pain relief product, the Irishman punched the mascot and followed him to the ground and landed more shots. He then sprayed him with pain relief, but, McGregor ended up hurting the mascot as it was reported the person inside the costume suit was taken to the emergency room of a nearby hospital for treatment.

Although the punch was not supposed to hurt, Dana White took aim at the Heat mascot for even bothering to take a punch from Conor McGregor.

“I saw the Deontay Wilder one, too. What’s up with mascots wanting to get punched in the face by professional fighters? What do you expect? I mean, what are those mascot things made out of? Unless you’re like, the Golden Knights mascot, I don’t even know what the hell he wears, but I’m assuming it’s a metal helmet, I wouldn’t have professional fighters punching me in the face if I was a mascot. Doesn’t seem like the brightest thing in the world,” White said after UFC 289 about McGregor punching the mascot.

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Now, days after he sent the Miami Heat mascot to the hospital, Conor McGregor opened up on the incident and said it was all part of a skit.

“The was part of the skit, it was all a skit. We were backstage, all is well. It was just part of the show. It blew up, I recently made my acting debut and I’m not a bad actor,” McGregor said on LIVE with Kelly and Mark.

If Conor McGregor is to be taken at his word, he claims the mascot wasn’t hurt and it was all a skit.

As for his fighting career, McGregor is coaching TUF 31 and is set to face Michael Chandler sometime in the future. But, with him still not in the USADA testing pool, many doubt if the fight will happen.

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