Colby Covington explains why Belal Muhammad is an “easy fight” for him

By Cole Shelton - May 13, 2024

Colby Covington believes if he were to fight Belal Muhammad it would be an easy win for him.

Colby Covington and Belal Muhammad

Covington is currently without a fight, but he has been taking shots at Ian Machado Garry. However, he has also expressed interest in facing Muhammad.

Although it seems likely that Muhammad will face Leon Edwards for the belt next, if Covington gets the fight he vows to KO Muhammad.

“I see myself KO’ing him, it’s just an easy fight. He can’t strike with me and I’ll show the world that he is just one-dimensional, he’s not going to out wrestle me. He won’t take me down one time,” Colby Covington said to Submission Radio. “If he tries to make me down one time, I’ll submit him so fast, his takedowns are so average at best, his striking is so bad. You couldn’t put away a one-armed Gilbert Burns, come on dude. The guy was on one shoulder, the guy was on one arm. You couldn’t put that guy away?

“It’s pretty sad and pathetic, so I think KO the guy and it’s a pretty easy fight. If the UFC wants to give me that fight, that is the fight I want, he has talked a lot of stuff, said some serious things, made some serious allegations, and racist, cancel culture these days, he needs to get canceled. I’d love to catch up with Belal one of these days and hold him accountable for the words he said,” Covington added.

Although Colby Covington wants to fight Belal Muhammad, it’s unlikely that the fight will happen next. But, perhaps that fight can come to fruition in the future, depending on the outcomes of their next bouts.

Covington hasn’t fought since UFC 296 in December when he suffered a lackluster decision loss to Edwards for the welterweight title. He’s currently ranked fourth at welterweight.

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