Bodybuilder books flight to fight Cody Garbrandt after heated Twitter exchange

Cody Garbrandt Matthew Kline Kader

We could be seeing UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt fight sooner than we thought.

Earlier this week, Garbrandt got into a heated Twitter exchange with a bodybuilder named Matthew Kline Kader. It all started after Garbrandt replied to one of Dillashaw’s tweets about fighting UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson.

Dillashaw: Would you rather see @MightyMouseUFC headline Seattle and fight Me or @tazmexufc ?

Garbrandt: Wait to fight me?? It’s out of my control with my injury, sorry you are desperate for the money to finish your house, I’ll be 💯 soon!

Kader chimed in at this point backing up Dillashaw.

Kader: How you gonna run your little mouth off when you’re the bitch backing out of the fight? Just be quiet little man and go heal your back up.

Garbrandt: Bhaa who the fuck are you, you have bitch tits just like tj no wonder you are a fan of his #BitchTitsStickTogether 😂😂

Kader: What a shameful little pus talking shit on twitter. I’d smash your midget ass in person. Youd pull out of a street fight with a back injury

Garbrandt: 6700 Folsom blvd Sacramento, California come through, let me know if you need me to book you a flight!

Kader: I’m gonna show up to his gym with a camera crew and prove he’s a bitch! He made the biggest mistake of his life. That’s a promise🖕🏼

Kader: Ok mother fucker I just called out ur bluff. See you June 25 u little bitch. U called out the wrong dude, i’m from the streets @Cody_Nolove

Team Alpha Male coach Justin Buchholz also got in on the exchange and Kader has a few options if he does show up to their gym for the challenge.

Buchholz: Aye Twitter who wants to see me tea bag this guy 😂😂😂 that is legit his profile pic. #nuffsaid #cornyoverload @Shallowking

Kader: When I show up at team alpha fail June 25th should Garbrandt be fighting me or his dad (coach)

Buchholz: You show up im kicking your ass, your camera crews asses and your mom’s. #bitch

Kader: Ok BITCH. I guess we’ll see if I’m trolling when that date arrives. The world will see the coward Cody is when u try 2 fight his battles. 🎥

Well, June 25th should be interesting.

This article first appeared on on 5/25/2017.

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