VIDEO | Russian mother slaps son in cage after losing MMA fight

In what could very well be considered one of the strangest post-fight interactions ever, Viktor Kichigin’s mother took to the cage to clean the blood off her son’s face following his lopsided defeat.

While cleaning the blood off her son, Kichigin’s mother smacked her son. Following the smack, Kichigin looked to leave the cage. That didn’t sit too well with his mother, who promptly grabbed his arm and attempted to keep him from leaving the cage.

This all followed Mama Kichigin’s mid-fight antics from the crowd, which featured quite a bit of coaching and frustration.

You can see the video of that incident above, as well as several other videos of Mama Kichigin in action below, including footage of the ritual she used to do before her sons fought.

This article first appeared on on 5/26/2017.

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