Chris Curtis explains why he deleted his Twitter account: “The reality is that MMA fans come in two very distinct camps”

By Fernando Quiles - November 26, 2023

Chris Curtis has an explanation for his exit on the Twitter/X platform.

Chris Curtis

Curtis found himself in the middle of MMA fan cringe on the social media site involving Ian Garry and Sean Strickland. Garry threatened to sue Strickland over comments he made about his wife. Despite being Strickland’s training partner and friend, Curtis came to the defense of Garry, prompting the keyboard warriors to rise from the sewers.


Chris Curtis On Deleting Twitter Account

Chris Curtis has taken to his Instagram account to explain why he has ultimately decided to disable his Twitter account (screencaps courtesy of Amy Kaplan).

“Lol, here’s the thing, guys. I’ll catch some flack for this, but whatever, the mma community apparently loves when people keep it real, so we will see. The reality is that mma fans come in two very distinct camps. Actual fans and people who exist on social media. Never had a bad fan experience in person, I love interacting with you guys face to face, but Twitter is just a safe haven for people who have never accomplished anything to be given a voice in things that are beyond them.

“It always has been really but Jesus mma fans on Twitter are just cancer and at the end of the day, I genuinely don’t care that much about people’s weightless opinions to allow it to eat up more of my time. So, every now and then, I shut off my account to prevent the screaming masses from having a voice.

“To all the fans out there who keep it respectful, even the ones that don’t like me, you guys are awesome and an example of what fans should be. I’m sorry that I have to limit my interactions “

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