Chael Sonnen defends Ronda Rousey against critics of ‘Greatest fighter’ remarks: “It’s a cautionary tale”

By Curtis Calhoun - April 4, 2024

Chael Sonnen defended UFC Hall of Famer Ronda Rousey against fan criticism over naming herself as the greatest MMA fighter of all time.

Chael Sonnen, Ronda Rousey

Rousey retired from MMA after a loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207. After a 12-fight unbeaten streak during her professional career, she finished her UFC tenure with losses to Holly Holm and Nunes.

Rousey went on to transition to professional wrestling, where she became a WWE star. As of this writing, Rousey doesn’t have any intentions of returning to the wrestling ring.

Rousey recently released a memoir entitled Our Fight. She detailed how a history of concussions during her combat sports career might’ve impacted her performances against Holm and Nunes.

In a separate interview to promote the book, Rousey explained how hostile UFC fans led to her resenting MMA. She also coined herself as the ‘greatest fighter that has ever lived‘, which was mocked by some fans.

Chael Sonnen criticizes fan criticism of Ronda Rousey

In a recent YouTube upload, Sonnen weighed in on Rousey’s book and recent remarks.

“If Ronda has something neurological, as she put it, that she’s dealing with due to concussions, then that’s when the ‘ying and the yang’ comes in,” Sonnen said of Rousey. “If you believe she was compromised, you cannot then go on to judge the statements that were being made. It sure is a cautionary tale, because Ronda said she kept fighting for the fans, she didn’t even want to do it…

“The fans she did it for, turned. They turned their backs and they betrayed her…just like anybody else, when they leave the job site for that day, it’s behind them. They wash their hands…and they don’t bring that job home with them. Ronda was one of the first to come out and explain that she’s just there to invoke an emotion, good or bad, as long as there’s an emotion, she’s doing her job.”

Rousey entered the UFC Hall of Fame in 2018 after pioneering women’s MMA. She holds numerous UFC records, including the fastest finish in a women’s UFC title fight (14 seconds) against Cat Zingano.

Sonnen, who is well-versed in combat sports history, feels Rousey’s place in UFC lore is cemented. While he thinks Rousey’s GOAT claims are debatable, Sonnen feels the blowback against her remarks isn’t warranted.

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