Frank Mir excited to “challenge” himself in boxing debut, believes a win solidifies his legacy

By Cole Shelton - April 13, 2021

Frank Mir was preparing to make his Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship debut in early 2021 when he got a call to make his boxing debut.

Frank Mir, Bellator

Originally, Mir was set to fight Antonio Tarver in the co-main event to Ben Askren vs. Jake Paul. However, the Georgia Commission wouldn’t clear Tarver, so Mir is now set to face Steve Cunningham. Although it is a change of opponent, Mir is still excited at the opportunity of making his pro boxing debut.

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“I was training for a fight in February in BKFC,” Mir said on Just Scrap Radio on “In November, I was picking up the boxing training and limiting the jiu-jitsu and wrestling and then February didn’t work out. They told me they’d get me an opponent on April 16 but a week later, Malki Kawa called me and asked if I wanted to do a pro boxing match completely. I’m excited, I like opportunities to challenge myself.”

Although Mir is known for his accomplishments in MMA, he has been strictly been doing boxing for months now in preparation for his move to BKFC. Although he has been trying to be a more technical boxer, the former UFC heavyweight champ knows his footwork, and the way he throws punches could frustrate Cunningham.

“That has helped. The conversion has been flawless. In fact, I’ve always liked to work the body but it’s hard to in MMA,” Mir said. “In the clinch, it’s easy to get kneed in the face. Now that I don’t have to worry about it, that’s awesome. The parts that are hurting me, as when I get fatigued I have a hard time remembering not holding on to people as I punch them. That is the biggest difference. 

“I liken it to a major league baseball player batting against a college softball pitcher. Although it is underhand it can still throw you off,” Frank Mir continued. “It is a different angle, different body posture. It can throw people off especially those at a high level as they are so used to seeing certain maneuvers. Also, they have only seen me fight barefoot, my style is different with shoes on.”

If Frank Mir goes out and beats Cunningham, who is the former IBF cruiserweight champ, he knows that solidifies his combat sports legacy.

“I think so, it also solidifies the fact that I’m ready to rise to any occasion. There are a lot of fighters who are businessmen,” Mir said. “They are afraid to take risks, they might make more money than I do. But, the way I look at it, where the risks come from is where major growth occurs. My failures have made me a better human being. This adds to that part of my legacy that I will step in there at any time and rise to any occasion.”

Regardless of the outcome on Saturday, Frank Mir has also enjoyed training boxing and is interested in doing more fights.

“I’m open to them, I like the idea (of doing more),” Mir concluded.

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