Angela Hill on the Hans Molenkamp-Dominick Cruz situation: ‘No one likes to be belittled’

By Drake Riggs - March 10, 2021

Dominick Cruz opened up an unexpected can of worms after his win at UFC 259. One of which that his Alliance MMA teammate Angela Hill has some thoughts on.


Defeating Casey Kenney by way of a hard-fought split decision in the final prelim of the night, Cruz would follow-up his first win since 2016 in an interesting fashion – a callout of Monster Energy representative, Hans Molenkamp.

In support of her teammate Cruz and his claims that Molenkamp has utilized his position of power for personal gain through sponsorship, Angela Hill recently shared her thoughts.

“They’re tough guys (fighters) – no one wants to feel belittled,” Hill told SCMP MMA. “You spend all this time getting tough and learning how to fight. But when it comes to money, you’re almost always at a disadvantage until you get to a very rare point where you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

“So a lot of these fighters are dependent on sponsors, and when you have a guy who makes you do things you’re uncomfortable for, but you’re reliant on the sponsorship, that’s a bad situation.”

Since UFC 259, the world-famous energy drink company has let it be known, when approached, that they’re “looking into” the matter at hand.

Normally not too outspoken when it comes to personal issues, Cruz really put his foot on the gas with his callout by going as far as to challenge Molenkamp to a charity fight. The man in question has yet to respond.

“For someone to come out like that, it shows he’s not just being bitter because he lost his sponsorship,” Angela Hill continued. “He’s speaking out for all the people on the lower end who have to deal with this nonsense and are sick of it but are afraid of losing the one thing keeping them afloat.

“There’s two sides to every story but he’s [Molenkamp] rubbed some people up the wrong way, and I’m wary of him.”

As for “Overkill,” she’s set to return to action this Saturday night at UFC Vegas 21 when she rematches with Ashley Yoder.

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