NSAC plans to take action following controversial 10-8 scorecard in Alexa Grasso vs. Valentina Shevchenko rematch

By Susan Cox - September 19, 2023

The NSAC is planning to take action following the controversial 10-8 scorecard in the Alexa Grasso vs. Valentina Shevchenko rematch.

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Noche UFC took place this past Saturday, September 16th at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada.

Headlining the event was a flyweight title fight between current champion Alexa Grasso (16-3 MMA) and Valentina Shevchenko (23-4 MMA). The controversial ruling at the outcome of the bout was a split draw.

It was judge Mike Bell who ultimately was unable to find a winner, causing the draw.

The result of the fight has garnered much criticism from fighters and fans alike.

The NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commission), in the wake of the controversial decision, is going to hold a refresher session for licensed judges.

Combat sports reporter Ariel Helwani, broke the news on ‘X‘ stating:

“Nevada State Athletic Commission will be holding a special 10-8 training session for all licensed judges on Wednesday, I’m told. Of course, this is in light of Saturday’s scorecard controversy.”

While the NSAC has not issued a public statement concerning the controversial scorecard, it appears that they are taking the 10-8 criteria seriously.

The 10-8 criteria written into the Unified Rules of MMA, can be seen below:

“A score of 10-8 does not require a fighter to dominate their opponent for 5 minutes of a round. The score of 10-8 is utilized by the judge when the judge sees verifiable actions on the part of either fighter. Judges shall ALWAYS give a score of 10-8 when the judge has established that one fighter has dominated the action of the round, had duration of the domination and also impacted their opponent with either effective strikes or effective grappling maneuvers that have diminished the abilities of their opponent.”

“Judges must CONSIDER giving the score of 10–8 when a fighter shows dominance in the round even though no impactful scoring against the opponent was achieved. MMA is an offensive based sport. No scoring is given for defensive maneuvers. Using smart, tactically sound defensive maneuvers allows the fighter to stay in the fight and to be competitive. Dominance of a round can be seen in striking when the losing fighter continually attempts to defend, with no counters or reaction taken when openings present themselves. Dominance in the grappling phase can be seen by fighters taking DOMINANT POSITIONS in the fight and utilizing those positions to attempt fight ending submissions or attacks. If a fighter has little to no offensive output during a 5 minute round, it should be normal for the judge to consider awarding the losing fighter 8 points instead of 9.”

“Judges must CONSIDER giving the score of 10–8 when a fighter IMPACTS their opponent significantly in a round even though they do not dominate the action. Effectiveness in striking or grappling which leads to a diminishing of a fighter’s energy, confidence, abilities and spirit. All of these come as a direct result of negative impact. When a fighter is hurt with strikes, showing a lack of control or ability, these can be defining moments in the fight. If a judge sees that a fighter has been significantly damaged in the round the judge should CONSIDER the score of 10–8.”

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