Tyron Woodley shows off brand new “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo (Photo)

By Adam D Martin - September 27, 2021

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley showed off his brand new “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo in a new photo shared on his Instagram.

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Woodley and Paul met last month in a high-profile boxing match in Cleveland, Ohio, and the stakes were high. Not only was there a lot of money and pride on the line, but the loser of the fight was also supposed to get a tattoo of the winner’s name on their body. However, after Paul was announced as the winner by split decision, Woodley said that he would only get the tattoo if Paul agreed to an immediate rematch. It’s been a month since the fight and there have been no signs that Paul has agreed to fight Woodley right away again, but Woodley made a rematch more interesting by deciding to get the tattoo.

Taking to his social media on Monday, Woodley shared a photo of his brand new “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo. As you can see from the picture, the tattoo is on his middle finger.


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I love you son. Now come and get this ass whippin cause i heard you been talking back to your elders. @jakepaul #ManOfMyWord WHERE YOU AT!? Inked by celebrity painter & tattoo artist @rubiartista

If Paul’s only stipulation to agree to the rematch was if Woodley got the tattoo, then at this point, it’s just a matter of hearing Paul say yes to the fight now that “The Chosen One” actually went out and got the tattoo inked on his body. In the meantime, look for Woodley to keep badgering Paul on social media about the fight until he accepts the rematch.

Do you think that Jake Paul will grant Tyron Woodley the rematch now that he’s gotten the “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo?


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