Roy Jones Jr. confirms talks with Tommy Fury for early 2024 bout: “Can captivate the audience”

By Josh Evanoff - November 24, 2023

Yes, Roy Jones Jr. and Tommy Fury might seriously meet in a boxing match in 2024.

Roy Jones Jr.

Last month in Saudi Arabia, ‘Captain Hook’ and ‘TNT’ were in attendance to watch Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou. There, the two had a brief meeting caught on video where they joked about a fight. For his part, Roy Jones Jr. is coming off a decision loss to Anthony Pettis in April, while Tommy Fury last defeated KSI in October.

However, beyond that meeting, there wasn’t a lot of talk about a potential bout. That was until this week when it was reported that the two were in talks to box next year. For his part, Roy Jones Jr. discussed a potential Tommy Fury boxing match in a recent interview with Betway.

There, Roy Jones Jr. confirmed that he’s in discussions for an exhibition boxing match with Tommy Fury. There, he stated that that the bout would need to take place in early 2024, and that he was genuinely interested in the idea. The boxing legend seems to believe that a fight with the influencer would be massive.


Tommy Fury

“There is truth to that, we spoke in Saudi Arabia because of the fact that John Fury was with Tyson,” Roy Jones Jr. responded when asked about a boxing match with Tommy Fury. “… To be in the ring with somebody from the social media era and have a big fight with Tommy Fury, I may not be who I was but to be in with against someone from the YouTube era, it’s a different type of thing and can captivate the audience. I think it’s a good thing.” (h/t DAZN)

“The fight would have to happen early next year. He’s definitely a legitimate fighter, he’s not a bad fighter at all and he comes from a family of fighters. Sometimes he doesn’t take fighters as seriously as he should. It’s like Tyson, he didn’t take Francis Ngannou as seriously as he should but when he is fighting someone like Oleksandr Usyk it’ll be different.”

What do you make of these comments? Do you want to see Roy Jones Jr. vs. Tommy Fury in 2024?


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