Ryan Garcia wants MMA fights with Henry Cejudo and “Conor McGregor’s little dog” Dillon Danis

By Tom Taylor - June 30, 2020

Boxing star Ryan Garcia has his sights set on two big names in the MMA world: former two-division UFC champ Henry Cejudo, and Bellator staple Dillon Danis.

Ryan Garcia

Garcia has been jawing back with Cejudo quite a bit since the former UFC champ announced his retirement from MMA back in May. Speaking to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani on Tuesday, Garcia once again took a shot at Cejudo.

He claimed he never actually called Cejudo out to begin with, but after their recent trash talk, is eager to punish him in the ring.


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Garcia also says he wants to try his hand at MMA, too.

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“The only time I’ve seen him was the fight that he had [against Dominick Cruz], when the UFC came back,” Garcia said of Cejudo. “I actually liked his hands a little bit. I wrote him a message. I was like ‘hey man, you’re pretty good, don’t retire, just keep going.’ I ended p Tweeting that and he ended up going crazy. I’m like ‘I didn’t even call you out, my guy.’ All I said was ‘yo, how would he do in a fight against me?’ cause I thought his hand were good. He took it the wrong way, so I mean, now I’m going to have to knock him out. He’s a cool dude, but I’m going to knock him out.”

In the same interview, Garcia also targeted Bellator’s Danis, a BJJ specialist and regular training partner of combat sports superstar Conor McGregor. The boxer claims Danis has been harassing him on social media, and he initially believed he was a fan.

“He’s an ugly little boy,” Garcia said of Danis. ““That’s what he is.”

“I have no idea what his beef with me is,” Garcia added. “He literally started commenting on every video I have, and I’m like ‘man, this guy’s a big fan.’ I thought he was a fan. I didn’t know who he was. I was like ‘who is this guy?’ I did a little research and I guess it’s Conor McGregor’s little dog. Something like that.”

While Garcia would no doubt have a huge leg up on both Cejudo and Danis in the boxing ring, he made the surprising admission that he’s interested in fighting them both in MMA.

“You know what I think I would do, instead of what everybody thinks I would do? I would go in the MMA ring with them,” he said. “I would be that ballsy to do it.”

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