Mike Tyson says Jake Paul deserved boxing win over Tyron Woodley: “Jake Paul won”

By Adam D Martin - September 3, 2021

Boxing legend Mike Tyson says that Jake Paul deserved his boxing win over Tyron Woodley last weekend, stating that “Jake Paul won.”

Mike Tyson

If there is someone who knows a thing or two about boxing, it’s Tyson, arguably the most popular boxer of the last 30 years. At last weekend’s big boxing event in Cleveland, Ohio, Paul was awarded a split decision nod over Woodley on the judges’ scorecards. While it seemed like most observers thought Paul did enough to edge out the win, there are some, however, who believe that Woodley deserved the nod. Tyson, though, disagrees.

When asked by TMZ Sports who he thought won the fight between Paul and Woodley, the 55-year-old Tyson says there is no doubt in his mind who deserved to get the nod.

“Jake Paul won,” Tyson said. “Yeah, he (rightfully won).”

As for Woodley, Tyson did offer up some brief words of encouragement for the former UFC welterweight champion, who suffered a split decision loss in his professional boxing debut.

“Tyron Woodley did his best,” Tyson said.

Tyson also wanted to add that he is a fan of Paul. While there are lots of people out there who do not like the Paul brothers, Tyson is not one of them, admitting he is a fan of Paul.

“I love Jake Paul,” Tyson said.

As for Tyson himself, he fought last year for Triller Fight Club against Roy Jones Jr. to a draw in an exhibition bout. The legend has been linked to several other fights over the past year but he has yet to sign on the dotted line to fight anyone. However, given how good he did look against Jones Jr., it shouldn’t be a surprise if he takes one more boxing match.

Do you agree with Mike Tyson that Jake Paul deserved the decision over Tyron Woodley?


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