Manny Pacquiao denies cheating allegations made by veteran boxing referee: “We didn’t cheat, we were just favored”

By Lewis Simpson - December 5, 2022

Manny Pacquiao denies the cheating allegations made by a boxing referee who once refereed his bout 22 years ago.

Manny Pacquiao

Pacquaio has recently been under the microscope, with his name being somewhat tarnished in the world of boxing. Boxing referee, Carlos Padilla, took charge of a contest between Pacquaio and Nedal Hussein in 2000. Padilla revealed he extended the standing eight-count by eight seconds when Pacquaio was planted to the canvas in the fourth round.

That wasn’t all. Padilla also admitted to proclaiming Pacquiao’s accidental headbutt as a punch, which saved the Filipino from being deducted a point. Unsurprisingly, Hussein is left unhappy with Padilla and believes he was robbed of a better life.

“I would have been able to buy a house and been so much better off. With my career, I missed out on the big fights [afterward] because of it. It set me back four years. I hated the sport after that,” he said.

Back in his native country, Pacquiao was forced to discuss the allegations and, as excepted, downplayed any sin on his behalf.

Manny Pacquiao speaks out on allegations

“We didn’t cheat. We were just favored because it was our ‘home court.’ As a boxer, I just did what I had to do,” Pacquiao voiced to his local outlet in English and Filipino (h/t Bloodyelbow).

“I’m just a boxer. I’m just doing my job inside the ring. That’s his problem, not mine.”

Hussein’s career resumed after the Pacquiao fight. He plodded along but never attained a world championship. Pacquiao’s stock continued to rise, and he eventually turned into one of the sport’s biggest stars.

The 43-year-old announced his retirement from boxing in 2021 following his defeat to Jordenis Ugas. Pacquiao had other ambitions to serve, like concentrating on his Philippine presidential bid earlier in the year. Despite a solid effort, Pacquiao lost the election, and now prepares for an exhibition bout against DK Yoo on Dec.10.

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