Dillon Danis trashes VADA testing after Logan Paul’s results come back negative: “Old man in the room wasn’t even paying attention”

By Josh Evanoff - October 26, 2023

Weeks after his boxing match with Logan Paul, Dillon Danis is still unhappy about the whole ordeal.

Dillon Danis

‘The Maverick’ and ‘El Jefe’ faced off in the co-main event of KSI vs. Tommy Fury earlier this month. The bout was the first for Logan Paul in over two years. Meanwhile, the boxing match was the first of Dillon Danis’ career, and it showed as the ex-Bellator fighter was easily outboxed.

As many are aware by now, Dillon Danis wound up being disqualified in the sixth round. After failing to takedown Logan Paul, he was deducted a point. A minute later, he attempted to put the YouTuber in a guillotine choke and failed, resulting in a brawl. Prior to the disqualification, he was down on the cards.

Earlier today, Logan Paul re-ignited the feud between the two, by releasing his VADA test results. On X, ‘The Maverick’ took to social media to release a video discussing his drug test, which he passed. In the lead-up to the fight, Dillon Danis repeatedly stated that the YouTuber was on steroids.

Furthermore, it seems that the VADA drug test did little to sway Dillon Danis’ opinion on the subject. On X, the ex-Bellator fighter implied that Logan Paul is on performance-enhancing drugs and that the testing was a joke.


Logan Paul, Dillon Danis, Boxing

“The testing was a joke, literally. Piss test after fight, famously easy to beat. Old man in the room wasn’t even paying attention. You’re a juicehead, and you proved that with the way the testing was done.” – Danis wrote on social media earlier today.

This is just another chapter in this rivalry, which is still not over. While Logan Paul has no plans to fight Dillon Danis anytime soon, ‘El Jefe’ did appeal the disqualification loss post-fight. As of now, no official decision has been announced from the PBA.

What do you make of these comments from Dillon Danis? Do you think Logan Paul’s drug test was legitimate?