Jake Paul responds after Tyron Woodley gets a tattoo with his name on it

By Adam D Martin - September 27, 2021

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul responded after former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley got a tattoo with his name on it.

Jake Paul

Woodley on Monday posted a photo of the words “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo on the inside of his middle finger. Not long after Woodley shared the photo of the tattoo, “The Problem Child” himself responded after “The Chosen One” shared his tattoo with the world.

Jake Paul: 1) Tyron got the wire from the fight. 2) Tyron bought a used Bentley. 3) Tyron got on a call with his accountant. 4) His accountant told him how much money he had to pay in taxes. 5) Tyron got the tattoo.

It seems like Paul is suggesting that it was money issues as to why Woodley ended up getting the tattoo. Although Woodley and Paul both made a lot of money from their first fight, a rematch could potentially do even bigger, so if Woodley feels like the tattoo is going to get Paul to step into the ring with him again, then perhaps it was worth him getting it. Of course, if Paul doesn’t end up rematching Woodley then perhaps he will regret his decision to get the tattoo. For now, though, it appears as if Woodley is content with it.

As for Paul, we haven’t heard a ton from him since he beat Woodley last month. There have been some suggestions that he could potentially fight Tommy Fury in a boxing match, but Fury has apparently declined several fight offers from the Paul camp. Although it appears as if Fury is Team Paul’s No. 1 choice, Woodley in a rematch likely isn’t far behind, especially now that he’s gotten the Paul tattoo as he promised him that he would get.

Do you think we will see the rematch between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley now that Woodley has followed through on his tattoo bet?

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