Canelo Alvarez defeats Jermell Charlo (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - September 30, 2023

Canelo Alvarez puts his undisputed super middleweight title on the line against undisputed junior middleweight champion Jermell Charlo this evening in Las Vegas.

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Alvarez (60-2-2, 30 KO’s) enters the contest on a two-fight winning streak, this after scoring unanimous decision victories over Gennady Golovkin and John Ryder in his most recent efforts. Those wins were preceded by a unanimous decision loss to Dmitry Bivol, a defeat which snapped the Mexican’s 16-fight unbeaten streak.

Meanwhile, Jermell Charlo (35-2-1, 19 KO’s) currently boasts a five-fight unbeaten streak, his most recent effort resulting in a tenth-round knockout over Brian Castano in May of last year. ‘Iron Man’ suffered his lone career defeat to Tony Harrison by unanimous decision in December of 2018.

While Canelo Alvarez cemented his legacy years ago, he is determined to silence the critics speculating of his decline this evening at T-Mobile Arena.

Round one of ‘Canelo vs. Charlo’ begins and the opening ninety-seconds is really more of a staring contest than anything. Canelo Alvarez opens things up by going to the body. Charlo hasn’t done much of anything yet. Another rip to the body by Canelo. That does it for a very tentative opening round.

Round two and Canelo Alvarez is beginning to get to work with his jab. The referee warns the Mexican about pushing and the crowd isn’t impressed. A good body shot from Canelo. Jermell Charlo finally answers with a combination. Big rights now from Alvarez.

Round three and Jermell Charlo lands good right. He follows it up with a left hook and then forces the clinch. The fighters are separated and now it is Canelo Alvarez charging forward with big punches. A big right hand from Canelo and Charlo is forced to clinch up. Jermell is back on his bike and Alvarez hits him with a body shot.

Round four and Canelo Alvarez comes forward with immediate pressure and has Jermell Charlo backing up once again. Charlo lands a jab, but Canelo makes him pay with some hard shots to the body. Charlo paws with his jab and Canelo connects with a big left hook to the ribs. Alvarez with a big overhand right. That was his best punch of the fight so far.

Round five and Canelo lands a nice left hook that forces Charlo to take a step back. Alvarez continues to be the aggressor, seemingly walking down his opponent. Jermell Charlo connects with a nice left hand. Alvarez just eats it and continues to press forward and go to the body. Charlo lands a right hand followed by an uppercut. Canelo counters nicely with a hook to the body. A combination from Jermell before the bell.

Round six and Jermell Charlo is trying to keep the distance with his jab, but Canelo Alvarez just continues to walk him down. The Mexican legend rips the body with a pair of right hands. He lands another heavy shot to the ribs. Charlo attempts to fire back with a right hand, but Canelo slips it and rips the body with more shots before the bell.

Round seven and Canelo lands a big right. He follows up with a combination and Charlo is DOWN! Jermell gets back up and Canelo is immediately on the hunt. A big 1-2 from Alvarez. He continues to pressure Charlo but can’t find the kill shot and Jermell with move on to see round eight.

Round eight begins and Jermell Charlo appears to have found his legs again. He goes to the body with a jab. Canelo with a right hand. He follows that up with a hook. A big combination now from Alvarez. He is making this look to easy.

Round nine begins and Jermell Charlo lands a crisp jab followed by a nice straight right. Canelo looks to go to the body but Charlo counters him with a left hook. An uppercut and then a pair of left hooks all land from Charlo. Alvarez is seemingly unbothered by those shots and continues to press. We go to round ten.

Round ten begins and Charlo lands a jab but misses with the straight right he opened with previously. Canelo Alvarez continues to work the body. He lands some heavy shots in close. Charlo gets back to range and begins pawing with his jab. Another heavy body shot from Canelo. He closes out the round well and it would seem Jermell is going to need a finish.

Round eleven and Canelo Alvarez lands a clean left hook. He continues to work the body while Jermell Charlo is still attempting to establish his jab. We are going to the final round.

The twelfth and final round begins and Canelo lands a nice right over the top. No real urgency from Charlo and he needs it. The fighters proceed to pretty much just spar out the round aside from one good left to the body by Alvarez.

Official Result: Canelo Alvarez def. Jermell Charlo by unanimous decision (118-109 x2, 119-108)

Who would you like to see Canelo fight next following his victory over Charlo this evening in Sin City?


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